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2015 Holden Commodore SV6 Review

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I have been given the Holden VF SV6 Auto as a fleet car. My previous fleet car was a Ford XR6 LPI.
Firstly, lets get to driver comfort. The drivers seat and steering wheel is better in the Ford. The drivers position in the Ford has a higher position over the bonnet, the relationship between peddles, seat distance and height and steering wheel is better.

This makes it easier to judge the vehicle "corners" and in this regard better decisions in moving through traffic.The steering wheel in the Ford has a thicker grip. The electric steering in the Holden is not as good in road feedback and feel and the steering wheel is thinner and over long distances fatigues the hands.

Secondly - performance. The SV6 is rated at 210kw and the Ford LPI at 198kw . The SV6 has 350- torques and the Ford LPI 440 torques. Having done 90,000ks in the Ford and now 10,000 in the SV6, I can say the Ford is much faster at take off and overtaking. I suppose this should be obvious with 25% more torque on tap. The Ford feels more like a race horse being held back whilst the SV6 needs the whip!!!

Handling. This is where the SV6 is better. Pity that the steering wheel is so comparatively thin against the Ford. The suspension offering on the SV6 is sure footed despite the electric steering, whereas when on the hammer the Ford can tend to feel a bit "drifty" at the front and when pushed REALLY hard it becomes a matter of a quick prayer when heading into a tight bend. On take off around corners the SV6 tends to understeer and on fast take off and without hard correction turns wide.

Thirdly Cabin noise- I cant understand the findings of Car Advice compare on the XR6 and SV6. The SV6 on roughish bitumen surfaces really drums. In fact it can resonant at a frequency that might be painful if it were any louder. It is not a tyre issue and on such surfaces and at open road speed the Ford is much quieter.

Fourthly practicality. Driver area stowage is a bit better on the Ford with deeper console bin and bigger door wells. The cruise control to increment or decrement speed is better of the Ford. The Ford having a plus or minus button and the Holden having a wheel to rotate fwd or back. To say, set up cruise for just on 118km is simple on the Ford but can be hit and miss to get right on the Holden. The mirrors on the Ford are a better shape and offer better rear vision.

The Holden mirrors have blind spot monitoring. Again, for driving in traffic the Ford has better forward and side vision as well as over the shoulder vision and this makes for confident decisions. The Holdens blind spot gizmo is great but overall demands greater attention and hence overs me as driver a less confident experience.

Fifthly Interior. General look of things is better in the Holden. More modern and purposeful look. Touch screens for people my age are for useful purposes about the same. Other controls ok. Electric park in the Holden and gizmos for remote start, park assist nice to disturb passengers with no hands trick. Boot opening is better on SV6. Split back seat on Ford is better.

Sixthly transmission. Wow did I get an unusual box in the Holden or is it what everyone else experiences?? turn the radio off and I really hear the whine. ZF in the Ford is a pearler.

Seventh Quirks. Slide the SV6 into manual sport shift, hold road speed and I get a strange vibration. Changes are not bullet like. Slide the Ford into manual sport and it will tend to hold gears too long. Assuming that the best position is full auto on both, the Ford trannie is better.

Eight economy. The LPI is thirstier. Even with 12.5:1 compression, over octane fuel; the LPG just doesn't burn as efficiently as petrol. The LPI is a gem and the engine feels unbreakable. Last fuel fill for the Ford was around $35 to fill. Holden is economical on long runs.