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2015 Holden Colorado Ls Review

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The LS model comes out with most of the features of the higher priced models but has the vinal floors for those who like dirt on there boots.

The 500nm torque creates a pleasurable towing experience with 2.6t behind. I also run arb steel bulbar, dual batteries, canopy, rear draws and always full. Total weight about 2.8t. 5.9t GCM so almost pushing the limit.

Average 12 L per 100 towing and 9.6 L per 100 when not. Traded 2004 4L prado for this thinking i would get a power drop however it has been a delightful experience as the colorado eats up towing. 3 years free servicing was included with the deal as well as caped price services.

MyLink system works smooth and the bringo maps are great worrh the $ outlay. LS model comes standard with reverse parking sensors which are definitely needed once a canopy is put on the back. Overall a very roomy comfortable cab and also rear seat legroom is very generous for people who are 6 foot. Front seats are height adjustable via manual leaver and are very comfortable for long trips.

If you are looking for a touring tow vehicle and your budget doesn't extend to the big toyota you will be very happy and at the price you will be able to afford 2. My parents have been driving a 2012 model since they came out and have never stopped towing as they are nomads and have never faulted there LTZ space cab. The 2012 has a little bit less power but still tows a 2.5t jayco with ease.
Warranty and servicing
Tyre size pushing limit when loaded for off road.
Rear veiw camera should be standard for vehicles of this type due to restricted visability.