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2015 Holden Colorado 7 LTZ (4x4) review

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Great value for money. It seems to be going through a bit of oil, but after reading other forums, they say this is expected and should settle down after the engine has done between 30–40,000km, but at this stage every 1200km to 1500km it's about 10 per cent of oil loss.

I do not like MyLink. Having to connect your phone to it every time to get a nav system working sucks. I thought about connecting an iPod constantly, but then there goes another few hundred dollars. The best current solution is to stick a cheap nav on the windscreen. If driver and passenger have iPhones connected, it is very cumbersome swapping between them on the MyLink. This side of technology is going through so many changes at the moment, I feel as though I have been forced to endure the system as a beta user.

I found at certain speeds the auto gets confused and changes up, down, up, down. The best solution is to either put you foot down or back off. From memory, it's when you are doing about 80km/h going up a hill.

Fuel economy – from the occasional glances it seems we have not got better than about 11 litres per 100km, of mainly city driving, so I guess we need to do some more highway driving to get a better understanding of this. So far, we've only put about 3000km on the clock.

I get some interesting vibrations at times – cross fingers this does not lead to anything bad.

My next test is to take it to Cape York and back. Maybe go via Birdsville and Burke, hmmm...