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2015 Holden Captiva 7 Ltz (AWD) Review

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I been looking around for a while at all brands of family 7 seater vehicles, driven many too. Our friends bought a Hyundai 7 seater which they have had for 8 weeks and has been back to dealer twice, literally falling apart he told me, looked good but that put me off. The Ford equivalent looked to tinny and not quite pleasing to the eye kia ok but just couldn't do it, cheap plastics, we own 5 kia k2700 for work that said. The captiva 7 just came out best on all accounts especially once they went on sale which had me sold. We paid $38500 for ltz, tinted Windows with 3 yrs servicing thrown, road side assistance and the standard 5 year warranty. I have owned dearer branded vehicles before like Mercedes and can say the extra 30k you would pay for one is just to have the 3 point star is not worth it.

We had the captiva now for 3 weeks and cannot fault it very pleased all round. Nice quiet diesel engine, very punchy and smooth gearbox with no delay in the changes. Surprisingly you can throw it through the corners with minor body roll and handles like a sporty sedan.

Comfortable interior and simple but nicely styled.

The exterior of the vehicle is better styled to previous model, paint quality much improved and likes like will hold up well in our harsh Sun. We went for white, yes plain but have owned black holden and grey before and is so hot and a pain to keep looking new.