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2015 Holden Captiva 5 Lt (FWD) Review

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Have owned my Captiva 5 manual for 5 weeks and have driven it for about 1970 km. I am pleased with the performance and ride. Fuel economy is reasonable for the 2.4 petrol motor, (12/13 klms per litre on trips). Good power on level driving, slightly less on hills but this can be overcome by changing down to 5th gear and 4th gear on steeper hills to maintain speed. That is no problem as that what manual gearboxes are designed for.

Like the panoramic view through the front windscreen when driving. I like the twin controls for the air conditioner, driver can have one setting to suit and the passenger can have their setting to suit. Plenty of storage for Cd's and bits and pieces on tend to collect. Like the USB. Saves having to carry Cds. I have a lot of music on USB sticks.

Some features I don't like are electric park brake, use to the lever hand brake, have actually had to use the hand brake on a previous car when my brakes failed, don't know if you can use the electric park brake in an emergency. That's something I will have to research. Don't like the Arial, cant retract or lay it down when going into the garage, it bends and then spring back, would be better if in future models it could be retractable or lay down. Cruise control controls would be better incorporated into the steering wheel, a bit awkward trying to set or adjust while driving.

Got a good deal when negotiating a deal on the Captiva, got front mud flaps fitted, smoked bonnet protector, widow tinting and 3 years free schedule servicing. Overall I am pleased with the car and with regular serving and maintenance I sure I will get many years of trouble free motoring.