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2015 Foton Tunland (4x4) Review

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Well surprised is the best way to describe the Foton Tunland 4x4 dual cab. I purchased the vehicle new thinking how bad could they really be, not the best way to buy a vehicle but anyway, I am still surprised.
The vehicle has been great so far. I have done over 20,000km in just over four months so you could call it accelerated testing.

The engine is strong and has very similar power to other turbo diesel Utes I have driven recently. It's gets a bit messy around 1500 rpm with no engine load but a brand new ford ranger did exactly the same thing when I drove it the other day.

The vehicle has heaps of space and sits quite high. The wife finds herself jumping up to get in. As the vehicle is a pure work ute the non existent airbag and traction control didn't really bother me.

I fully optioned the vehicle at purchase and it looks great. Never have I had s vehicle that draws such attention. People are just not sure what it is but like the look of it. Unfortunately I got pulled up by the boys in blue the other day for going slightly to fast and all the cop wanted to talk about was the ute, not the ticket he just shoved in the window.

There are now more and more aftermarket accessories available for the Foton Tunland.

I put a 2" lift kit in it and it was a straight fit with a Hilux kit. Fitting exactly.

Fitted a 3XM fiberglass canopy which looks great. Some Mud terrain Tyres and some front spot lights and she is set to go. Oh and I also fitted a new stereo head unit. A Toyota head unit fitted perfectly in the cavity and has better quality Bluetooth.

All and all so far I am extremely impressed with the vehicle. I have owned almost every other brand of vehicle and this one is right up there with them.

The servicing at Ross Starkey motors has been good and they have checked and adjusted anything that I asked for promptly.

I would strongly recommend a tradie look at this vehicle as a very real option when purchasing. I would put these vehicles in front of a Mitsubishi Triton and Nissan Navara for performance and handling easily.
I would put them in front of the rest for value for money.

If this vehicle keeps performing like it has I will definitely grab another one in a couple of years time.

I regards to resale. I buy vehicles to use and get me around. I feel I get my money's worth during my ownership term so the resale value is not critical. Plus it is relative to the original purchase price as well. With plenty of used Rangers about the prices will be dropping quickly to move them on in years to come as well.

I have no problems recommending this vehicle to anyone. Have a go I say. The Chinese have come a long way with manufacturing and it shows. I bet your brand new Jeep sees more warranty issues than the Foton Tunland.

Happy travels people.