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2015 Foton Tunland (4x4) Review

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We bought our Foton to use as a daily runabout, long distance cruiser and to tow our 7.5 metre powerboat.

Mileage is now getting up towards 30,000 and we are still pleased with the Tunland and enjoying it. Sure, it is not as refined as more expensive Utes but why be surprised at that. You get what you pay for and if the resale % is less than a Class Leader at least you are starting off with a lot less to outlay and to lose.

Gearchanges are a bit chunky and the unladen ride is a bit harsh, but hell it is a workhorse not a limo and feels capable of hard work for a long time. The engine is willing and super-economical but the diff ratio is far too high. First gear will not pull up a steep boat ramp and it does take a few seconds to change in and out of 4WD. AWD or Auto 4WD as we had in our KIA Sorento would be more effective.

OK there is no airbag in the roof and no stability control, but hey, I was taught to drive according to the conditions not to blast away as if I am Superman. The more that drivers lean on aids and the less effort they make to learn to drive properly, then the more the road toll will continue to rise. There is no safe substitute for using your eyes, ears and experience to drive safely. End of Rant.

We hope to put 500,000km on our Foton then Resale will be irrelevant.