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2015 Foton Tunland (4x4) Review

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Hi all, purchased a brand new Tunland in Adelaide 4 weeks ago. Drove it home to Sydney over 2 days.

Has 5000k on the clock now. Blown away at what I have acquired with this ute. I have nothing but praise for the overall quality of this car. The engine feels strong and robust. No lack in power compared to any of the other dual cabs out there. It has a real truck sound under load, which I like. And a strong turbo whistle, again which I like. Fuel economy is still hovering around the 7.3/100, that will get a little better as the motor settles.

Cabin is huge for a dual cab. I have owned plenty of others over the years and none come close to this for size and comfort. I am 6ft tall and I have no problem lounging in the back seat while my wife drives. Everything has been very well thought out and laid out. Dials are easy to read everything is at close proximity for touch and activating. Indicator stalk is on the left, which is a little annoying but I am used to it now. Only 3 things I can pick it on are 1) had a slipping clutch when I got hot.

That was sorted with a simple pedal adjustment (small screw behind the master cylinder) 2) very poor stereo system. Sorted with a 100 dollar head unit from super cheap autos. And 3) slight delay with the electronic throttle control. An old school analogue cable throttle would be better. Still sorting this one out. Will do another post here when fixed if it can be fixed. Overall I am stunned with how good this vehicle is.

The Chinese have really done their homework with this one. Big name western brands to back them up. If this ute was advertised properly it would become the next biggest seller here.

Firmly aimed at the big guns and beat them in my opinion. If I had paid 55-60k for an sr5 hilux (equivalent features like leather and all) I would now very very very upset. At 30 grand, you would be mad to buy anything else bar none. With 10grand more spent on aftermarket products you would have the best ute on the market hands down and you would still be 15-20g richer.