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2015 Ford Territory Tx (rwd) Review

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After much research and test driving almost everything in the same price range - it has now been almost 8 months since the Territory came into the garage.


I opted the 5 seat version which has tons of room for the rear passengers, and luggage space.
I like the storage area under the floor of the luggage area (where the extra seat would normally go), enough room for some of the smaller camping bits and pieces, also more storage and bottle holders through out the cabin.

Yes the petrol version is a little heavier on fuel than the Falcon, but this was to be expected as the Territory is heavier and not as aerodynamic as a Falcon sedan (It should get better as it gets a few more kms on it). I was very surprised with the quietness of the cabin when cruising along. Everything fits together - no squeaks or rattles.

The electric steering works a treat, which helps a lot when parking. As with all the 4.0lt petrol engines it just lopes along, and as with my BF Mk2, which was also fitted with the ZF 6 speed auto, the transmission is smooth and quite.

We have done a couple of weekend country drives around Western Australia, and the Territory is extremely comfortable and takes the road conditions in it's stride, even on a wet gravel country roads it was very sure footed. The worse thing was cleaning it when we got home, as it was covered in red mud.

Cruise control is easy to use and instruments easy to read. The reversing camera and parking sensors are helpful (should be standard on every car) and the digital radio is excellent; it also has a CD player for those of us that do not use portable devices.

Overall build quality is as good and in many cases surpasses some of the other brands.


The SYNC2 navigation system is hopeless, most of the maps are out of date by years (the street name for where I live does not exist in metro Perth. On the freeway it tells you to go right, which isn't possible as a railway line is there. I have experimented with various destinations and maybe 75% work fine. Forget about voice activation on navigation it is difficult to use. Also the passenger can not type into it on the move, which we can on our tom tom GPS. I have been back to the dealer and had an "update" but still no better.

The Bluetooth connection is great when it connects, but often have to repair the phone if not used for a few days. Some of the extra menus for fuel economy, speed alert, trip counter etc. I am still getting used to, (my old car was much easier)

The Territory is a well made car for it's price - comfortable with enough power and torque for most people.
It may not be the newest design on the market, but they seem well proven over the years since it was first released.

I did compare other makes and models made in Asia that had more bells, whistles and bling, but the big Aussie still won. I am happy with my choice, hopefully she will be with us for many years to come.

It is unfortunate that the car industry in Australia could never be profitable. Let us hope all the workers from Ford, Holden and Toyota and the suppliers find work elsewhere.
They can be proud that the products they produced recently are as good as most imported cars.