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2015 Ford Ranger XLS 3.2 (4x4) Review

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The engine on these new Rangers is effortless, no revving the guts out of it to get it to go. The ride quality is exceptional and improves when towing. Towing is so easy and fuel economy is great under load or just cruising. The ambient road noise in cab is almost silent.

The dash and options for use are good for the model, cruise control features and fuel display settings are easy to read. The electric assisted steering is perfect and makes a hugh difference in car parks and when four wheel driving.

Offroad the ranger doesn't have the body roll or sideway sway that other dual cab utes do which my partner commented on immediately ( she would quite often need to get out and walk to stop nausea caused by our previous dual cab ute in the bumpy tight stuff). The hill descent feature worked really well but was noisy when working. The diff lock was another added benefit that improves the four wheel drive capability when compared to my previous dual cab.

The thing I had to change was to get ford to turn off smart charge (enable dual battery mode) as it caused me 2 flat batteries when I first bought it. An improvement for the XLS would be to display the ambient temperature as it gives you an option to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius but then wont display it. Fords aftermarket accessories are over priced and under spec compared to whats available outside of ford.