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2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 (4x4) Review
  • Has a great big 3.2 litre 5 cylinder that pulls what ever you throw at it., It can carry 3.5 tonne which is class leading., Confortable for a family., The facelift makes it look tougher and more like an f150., There is no more turbo lag like the last model.
  • For the XLS it misses out on the navagation, reversing camera and the screen is no where near as big., The Wildtrack has terrible leather seats!, The wild track only gets the leather seats., The XLT and the wild track gets the chrome grill but any other model doesn't.

by Bob

Has a great look at the front of the car. The ford has a reasonable price but not the cheapest. It has ok tech but the lower models miss out on a lot of things that the top model have.

The popular one of all the models is the XLT which is around 56 thousand dollars and the XLS is also popular being that it is around 10 thousand dollars cheaper.

It can carry almost anything that it throws at you. Caravans, boats you name it and it will carry it! It is a much better car then the previous Ford Ranger.

The engine is a 5 cylinder 3.2 litre which has the same engine as the Mazda BT50. Shifting the gears is a bit hard to change. For the prices are ok all but the wildtrack thats around 60 thousand dollars!

That is why most people buy the XLT because the wild track is too expensive. It has a loud engine but you can nearly hear it in the interior which is what you want if your going on a trip that takes a few hours you can rest and sleep peacefully in your chair without listening to an noisy engine that road up the street.

I like how the engine cuts of when your at a stoplight because it is a tiny bit thirsty as a car and that saves a lot of fuel, and once you touch the clutch the car turns strait back on and you drive away. I would completely recommend this ute to anyone who’s looking for a ute because this is the definition of a ute.

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2015 Ford Ranger Wildtrak 3.2 (4x4) Review Review
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