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2015 Ford Mondeo Titanium Review

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I have owned this vehicle for five months and found it very enjoyable to drive. I previously owned a Honda Euro Luxury manual. It is true the Mondeo does have a heavier and tighter steering, but it sits and behaves on the road very well. The added safety components are great, it needs getting used to (blind spots, lane keeping, reversing camera etc.) It does have a large amount power and speed when activated.

I have learnt the characteristics of the Mondeo and used it to achieve excellent fuel consumption. In particular, its free running cruise speed when the power is de-activated. I have learnt how to capitalise on this free running mode to achieve an even better fuel consumption.

I do not like the 16inch spare tyre on a car fitted with 18inch all round wheels...why? The paint work is excellent as is the overall appearance of the car.

The 18inch mags are not an issue as previously highlighted in other comments/reviews. The mag spokes are enamel finished and very easy to clean.
The boot space is excellent, although one has to be mindful and set the adjustment of the gate to suit. The power plant is awesome for a small size engine, it is a pity, its not rear wheel drive.

I did have some issues of finding the right information on what the engine oil it uses, just in case I needed to top up.
The ratings that has been given, is in line with what I have found it to be.