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2015 Ford Kuga Titanium (AWD) Review

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Warning to all Kuga owners. We thought long and hard about getting our Titanium Kuga Diesel automatic.

After three long months of waiting, we had it for a week before it got a flat tyre. That was three weeks ago and we are STILL waiting because there are no Continental 235/45 R19 tyres to fit the vehicle in Australia at the present time and no-one can tell us when they will be coming into the country.

We have been left carless while our brand new Kuga gathers dust in the garage because we can't drive far with the space-saver spare and we live in a remote and isolated town. Ford have been no help at all, though it was their stuff-up which caused the problem, as they neglected to let Continental know that the Kuga needs this particular tyre.

Hence Continental have none available. Disappointed in the attitude from FORD AUSTRALIA, as they didn't want to know or help in any way.Warning to other Kuga drivers: we love the car and it is a pleasure to drive, what little mileage we have done in it, but pray you don't get a flat tyre or you will be rendered carless for who knows how long?

We won't be buying a Ford again, mainly due to the rudeness of management and no apology or sympathetic ear for causing the situation through management's stuff-up. Their attitude is: "it's not our problem".

We have been caught in the middle and it's not our fault either, but we are the ones who have to suffer. Ford has our $52k and we are still waiting.......NOT GOOD ENOUGH.