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2015 Ford Focus TREND Review

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The dual automatic transmission is hopeless spoiling a otherwise good car it shudders slips gears sold under false pretence they have known about this problem since 2012 and are still selling to unsuspecting customers like myself shame on you Ford.

Ford need to fix this problem i cant sell my problem to another person as i have morals. I bought this car for security as i drive at night as i am a night shift worker unfortunately i don't feel safe or secure whilst driving my 2015 ford focus as I am starting out my business and took a business loan I'm stuck with this car would not recommend this car .

I hope the new ford focus doesn't have this dual automatic transmission as im sure if they fixed this problem the ford focus would be a good car as it is roomy inside the design interior is good and the the radio and automatic lights and wipers are a good feature also shame i am left with a very sour taste in my mouth as with the ford focus dual automatic transmission been so bad it makes me feel like i bought a lemon and as we were so excited to buy a ford it now has given a lot of stress in our life as ford will take no responsibility for our concerns they state it is within there specifications im sure we all buy a new car so we can feel it shuddering making us feel we are driving around in a very old car look at fix ford fiesta and ford focus facebook page this is a major concern at how many people are effected