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2015 Ford Fiesta ST Review

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After seeing a few owner reviews for the Ford Fiesta ST on CarAdvice, I decided I'd add another.

The short version - fantastic! Can fit a small family of two adults and child under three with ease, despite obviously being a small car.

I have had this little beast in my garage for four to five months now, clocking up over 12,000km in that time (mostly on the highway).

I cannot fault this little car in terms of its engine. The turbocharged 1.6-litre four-cylinder is still one that I get a smile out of each day. Coming from a 2007 Focus XR5 Turbo, I know what a great engine note sounds like, and I am still impressed with the note this one gives pulling right up until redline. What else is a surprise, is the fact I can still return decent fuel economy figures (6.6L/100km) despite giving it plenty on the open road when possible. I have found the gearbox to be a little clunky at times, but nothing to really question it at a service.

The handling is nothing short of amazing when you want it to be. You've all heard the praises sung about it, I won't go into it too much. Otherwise, it's comfortable with a compromise. I thought the ride would be far too harsh and crashy over poor roads, which it sometimes is, but I have yet to think to myself, "Why oh why did I choose this car?" On consistently poor roads, the ride gets pretty horrendous, but I am on these parts for so little time each trip to work or when cruising that I don't ever consider it a con, so much as a compromise.

Another thing mentioned by owners and reviewers alike is the interior splash dash of buttons etc. Seemingly, I am one of few who actually like this. Yes, it looks like a mess of buttons, but they're all pretty obvious in their role, only a few times have I hit the radio button rather than the phone one. Driver's display for tacho, speed and other info is easily laid out - nothing too flash. Bluetooth audio streaming is simple, yet glitchy. Had a few podcasts randomly stop and start playing music, using an iPhone. The black roof lining also tops it off.

I love the seats - even comfortable for a big guy like me (six foot and 110kg). On long journeys, they can get a tad uncomfortable due to extreme levels of bolstering, but I love them. Never sat in the back seat but they're comfortable enough on longer journeys, apparently. My child has more than enough room with a bulky car seat, although she can already kick the back of the seat in front of her. The passenger side seat doesn't even need to be all the way forward for them either, which is great if you have an extra passenger.

Now, look, I know I bought a small car, and I know I was never going to be transporting a family, plus dog, plus caravan, plus boat, but the car is tiny. Boot has ample space given the physical size, but once you've loaded it with a week's worth of groceries, don't be buying another case of fancy/cheap beer/wine. Sure, the boot is deep enough, and there are a few straps and latches, but not enough to consider it practical as your family car. In regards to children in the back seat, the doors are obviously large (being a three-door), and I can easily be totally within the car when putting my child in the car seat. Fantastic if you're in a car park at your local daycare where other 'patient' parents in 'child-friendly' SUVs want to roll over your matchbox car doors.

The looks are very subjective. My first sighting of the 'FiST' was a year or so ago in the blue (mine is white). To me, it didn't look great... Upon researching and seeing more of the car, I fell in love, especially when finished in the Frozen White. My choice was simple. My only issue is that the honeycomb front grille can be a pain to clean, but with time and patience, it looks great. A head turner indeed.

Servicing was done at 7500km through Ford as there was a recall relating to rear seat belts (N/A to mine, luckily), and it was reasonably priced at about $220 for a dealership service. My local Ford dealership isn't the best I've come to know (previous issues with an older car), but they were courteous enough and the service was done in time.

In summary, I am happy. I am happy I spent my money on another bloody Ford. And I will again. I have had at least a dozen people ask me about the car since purchase, and each time I've told them the same thing: Awesome.