Ford Fiesta 2015 st
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2015 Ford Fiesta ST review

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So, this is now my third year of ownership of my 2015 Fiesta ST. Do I still love it? Hell yeah!

Since my last review, which you can read here, I’ve decided to try and eke more power out of the already very willing 1.6-litre four-banger. So far, I have had the MP215 kit put on the car and a legal replacement to the factory electronic blow-off valve. While they are only little mods, they do make an enormous difference to the car.

The Mountune kit, while only giving a modest increase in power and torque (+11kW, 30Nm), is the major difference in how the tune delivers the power over the rev range. It doesn’t seem to run out of urge, even at redline. Either way, the grin that is plastered to my face in daily driving is still there, and the gob-smacked faces on unsuspecting traffic light warriors is still one of the best delights of driving this little hatchback weapon.

The blow-off valve, while not really increasing the performance, gives people who can hear it an idea of the beast that lies beneath the fairly unassuming ‘shopping trolley’ Fiesta’s hood. Soon there will be an exhaust, a more aggressive tune, wheels, suspension and an uprated intercooler.

So, after three years of ownership, would I still recommend one? Despite the aging infotainment, no boost/oil pressure gauges like the big-brother Focus and the strangely-far-back front seatbelt, yes I would. You don’t drop $30K-ish on a car with torque vectoring (fancy tech that makes it kinda feel like a RWD car and a bit oversteer happy), super comfy yet rigid Recaro bucket seats, and a ridiculously flexible engine to focus on anything that it lacks. You get it for the absolute, sheer fun the damn thing can provide.

Do you really need to know how much boost you’re pulling when you go around that tight and twisty road? No. Is knowing how much oil pressure you have important when you’re too busy negotiating that hairpin mountain corner? No. You just drive and wonder how on Earth they created such a little rocket from the regular Fiesta.

There are still little niggles with this car, but again they are far outweighed by the rest of the package. Squeaks and rattles just come with the territory of being an everyday car. Nothing is perfect forever, unless you’re in a Bugatti or something else that has an eye-watering six-figure price tag. Fuel consumption is still great, with an average 48L tank of 98 premium giving about 600km, even with a bit of spirited driving through the hills of Adelaide.

I will finish this by reiterating what I said in June 2016: if you have $30K and you want the best bang-for-your-buck performance car, get this. You will not regret it.