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2015 Ford Fiesta St Review

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This is my second review of this car, the first being not too long after I bought it. This one is being written without the rose coloured specs and long after the honeymoon period is gone. This is my experience with the car just a tad over a year down the track...

To be completely frank, not a great deal has changed. There are still a few niggles that drive me up the wall, but for the most part it's still a fantastic car. Goes hard, isn't bad on the hip pocket and I get a few questions from people on what it is, as the Aussie Fiesta ST's don't have any Fiesta badging.

Fuel economy is still great, for a while I was averaging about 6.8L per 100K but now I'm doing more city driving with a bit more right foot being used, it's sitting closer to 7.5 which is still pretty good considering the amount of go you get from this little thing.

The gearbox can be clunky and make noise, but this is mostly to do with the engine mount, which I have one from Cobb coming soon. There are a fair amount of pages for getting some go fast bits if you ever do tire from the standard 150kw on over boost. Just don't get any of the complete Cobb kits... They don't fit Aussie delivered 3 doors...

My only issue with this beast is the factory head unit. The bluetooth works great for a time and then will refuse to connect to any device for a few weeks until randomly it will come good again. It's been back to Ford a fair few times with this... Hopefully my most recent visit will sort this out but time will tell...

I haven't taken it to any race days since my last few, not until I at least get some more bits for more power on there but in every corner and roundabout I can feel the car wanting that little bit more of acceleration to show off the Torque Vectoring that makes this thing a weapon on corners. Sure people who have big V8s can beat you in a straight line, but take them to a twisty road and see how quickly they fade in your rear view mirror.

Speaking of mirrors, the visibility in my FiST is pretty damn decent with good angles on the side mirrors and a good size window out the rear to look through when reversing. I've had a camera installed but haven't really glanced at it unless it's a tight spot to negotiate.

All in all, if I had another $30k for a car, would I buy a newer generation? Hell yeah I would. Despite the little things, this car is a cracker, super fun to drive and never fails to put a smile on my face whether I'm driving to work, the gym or going for a road trip to Sydney. It's also a bit fun to see the looks on the guys who drive a V8 ute to see a little white buzz-box beat them off the lights or to watch it disappear in the mountain roads.

Buy one, you won't regret it.