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2015 Ford Fiesta St Review

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Where do I start with a machine like this?

I test drove this car on a blind whim not really looking to buy a car and the next thing I know I was signing the paperwork to take home my brand new white Fiesta ST.

The car on the inside is very nice with the seats holding you in quite tight and making sure you don't move when you throw it hard into a corner. The engine is responsive, only requiring a blip of the throttle to start giving you the symposed engine noise throughout the cabin and a nice rush in the seat of your pants.

To really be sure of how the car went, I participated in two races. A Supersprint held by a car club and the 6 Hour Relay Victoria on the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.
On the Supersprint I was racing in the stock class and only came second to a VE HSV Senator by 1.7 seconds, which I think is pretty impressive.
At Phillip Island and holding back a bit due to a full 50 cars on the track, a 2:13 was recorded.

Easily the best car I have ever owned. Fuel economy is fantastic and not very expensive to fill. My only gripe is that the suspension is a little hard over long trips...

That being said, this is my daily driver and despite being a small car it can be very roomy in the front thought the back isn't all that great. With the back seats folded down there is a decent amount of room and can quite easily fit large things in the back.

If you're a an of modding your car, there is an abundance of companies that make parts and kits for this car due to its cult like following in the UK and the USA.

Long story short, if you have $30k to spend and want a fast little car, buy this.