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2015 Ford Fiesta St Review

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this is it!
From driving this insane pocket rocket, I don't believe that there is anything out there that can match the Fiesta ST for price, and maximum bang for your buck. One thing I reckon is that the reviews and ratings etc, - like this one ;-D - don't tell enough about this great little car. you really have to take one for a spin so that you can get a whiff of what all the Fiesta ST owners are saying. it really is a great car!

I've all ways been a hot hatch fan....at the time when the Fiesta ST went on sale, I currently owned a Volkswagen Polo GTI, which wasn't bad either. But, I considered very seriously the ST. I took one for a test drive to see what's what, and then I was sold. It was a win for the ST.

I spend literally AGES comparing stats, engines, etc,etc... but the ST came out on top. every time. I had so much fun with the ST that I actually for got that it wasn't mine, and I had to return it to the dealer.
so right now I had a incredibly important decision to make:

Trade in the GTI? or just carry on? the choice was clear, I just had to get a ST, so about 1 week later the trade-in was complete and I had a new ST!

One thing I noticed about the GTI, was that (although it was German) you had to be careful when throwing it into corners. big ones. I tried that in the ST, and it basically straightened out the road for me.

So yes I may have chosen a Ford over Volkswagen, but don't let the Blue Oval get you down...this little ST I something else. Honestly. it has a very punchy 134kW Ecoboost engine with a 6 speed manual, and you can do so much with that much power and that sort of transmission. it has a quite but noticeable burble when its idling... but then put the hammer down, and you're gone. the overboost feature is an absolute treat, and it just ups the performance even more, and puts a smile on your face that literally cant be removed.
I tried doing the 0-100kph a couple of times, and managed to get 6.85 seconds. it is so fun you could do it all day. Ford claim a top speed of 220kph.

In comparison with the GTI, 0-100 came in 7.13 (couldn't get it to go any lower!) and I managed to max it out to 227kph. but me and the ST are going to gun for 230kph when I have the opportunity.

The interior is pretty perfect as well...with very sporty and edgy seat, and a 3 spoke Ford ST steering wheel, you cant really opt for any more. the seats have big sides that keep you locked in, so when you are driving on windy roads etc, you are kept in and not thrown about.
the boot is pretty impressive as well, from what I recall, i''m pretty sure that its bigger that the GTI's.

Now with all the other pocket rockets coming out e.g. New Polo GTI, 208 GTI, Clio RS, DS3 etc, you maybe thinking...well why not try these? well......thank you but no thank you. its a bit like that. the ST is so much fun, that you can really push it and the best part is that it Is extremely economical.

The result of owning a Ford Fiesta ST?

Pure driving pleasure.