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2015 Ford Falcon XR8 Review

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This is the bang for buck bargain of the century.. Many dealers are selling at $55k driveaway for a car that is essentially the $77990 R-Spec GT from 2012.

The XR8 sprint has been released but dealers are gouging customers for $70k-$72k driveaway.. The sprint has 2.9% more power and less than 1% more torque for $15k more!! Performance data puts them line ball also.

Grab one before they are all gone as the "emotive ford collectors" are blinded by the sprint limited build and can't see the forest through the trees, hence the heavy discounts at the moment.

The car has amazing acceleration, 0-100 in 4.7 seconds and stops on a dime and is plenty comfortable. The in gear acceleration is breathtaking and the sound so addictive from the whine of the supercharger to the barking exhaust. Really does handle fabulous for day to day duties, maybe at 10/10ths on a track the Sprint calibration might handle a little better but for 99.9% of driving conditions you would never know. Arguably looks better than the tacky Sprint model with its classic alloys and chrome touches, it has a classic contemporary finish which will look better in 10 years time and now!!. The sprint has everything blacked out including wheels which might look a little off in a few years when that trend goes out the window. Can you imagine turning up to a business meeting in a lairy looking sprint.. ewww no thanks. The FGX XR8 is a genuine competitor to $100k GTS HSV and $90k LSA Clubsport.

Grab the Auto gearbox, way faster than the manual and simply closer to 2015 than the manual from the 1970s. I did drive back to back set on a manual but the Auto blew me away and was the only choice. Drive them both and you shall see.

Many reviews comment on the interior, yes it hasnt changed since 2008 but it has plenty of trick features in its Sync2 infotainment system, seats are supportive and that bonnet bulge is epic to drive around behind. This is a muscle car at the end of the day, so lets judge it for that!!

The look is a little different but it just grows and grows on you, looking at new Jaguars or styling cues from Mustang and you can really see the edgy concept and how great it looks. The commodore SS is a nice looking machine but every man and his dog will have one and when the police get hold of hem, they will all start looking ratty and bring down the look of the commodore. This ford will be a little rarer, more will be taken care of and will be revered as a modern day classic

ITs THE performance bargain of the century, buy one before they are gone.. $55k.... wow