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  • The raw power, The braking, The handling, The looks, The reliability
  • After nearly 12,000 klms haven't found any

by Logan Steele

This is a most exciting car – powerful, incredible handling and braking- a phenomenal big sports car yet I can still use it as a ‘standard Falcon ‘ for my business as a Real Estate Agent. Now driven 12,000 Kim’s since May 2015 and I still can’t wait to drive it every time I get in?

I also use and enjoy the Sync 2 system and the voice activated controls for phone, navigation, car controls (even changes radio and cabin air conditioning at the touch of a button and voice demand) – still learning more on the Sync 2 system.

If you are lucky enough to be able to get one of these X R 8’s, don’t think for a second longer- just get it – you won’t be able to wipe the smile off your face .

I grew up as a ford fan, too new in the workplace to be able to afford a XW/XY Gt or GTHO but at 60, this is the best powerhouse Ford that money has ever been able to buy.

A head turner yet not ‘muglairy’ like FPV and most Commodores. Have I mentioned that it is unbelievably fast and the manual drive auto is so exciting to drive- much faster than simply leaving in Drive.

Reversing camera- excellent quality – even read your own number plate ?
Looks – stylish aggressive but still uniquely Ford

Room – still suits 5 big Aussies

Colour range – limited but diverse- I got the silver- best Colour choice- live in the country so doesn’t show up the dust much

My brother and friends advised me to grab one of the fantastic cars if I could and look after it (even put away in the garage for years to come and watch it rise in value) but I drove it from new and thought ‘ bugger the future and willing it to someone, drive if everyday and be exhilarated which I do ?

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2015 Ford Falcon XR8 Review Review
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