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2015 Ford Falcon Xr6t Review

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Bang for buck this car is amazing! Better than my Audi and wife's VW which is expensive and unreliable as a Jeep. Such a shame that these cars won't be made from 2020 unless #ford decides to change it's tune in Australia.

If you like the practicality of sedan, which handles like a light small sports car and accelerates faster than a wrx this is the car for you.

Good for the kids, plenty of room in the boot for grocery shopping or clothes shopping.

My wife prefers the falcon to my audi and her vw. In fact I'm thinking of selling the audi and vw and getting a second xr6 turbo. The fact she loves it so much.

Handles well in the wet and or dry. I have even driven it on diet roads. It's really a car for all conditions. I wouldn't take it completely off road as she isn't a 4x4 rodeo or jackaroo. But for 95% of driving this is the car for you.

I recently had it serviced at ford the services are cheap - generally under $130 for a minor and a major service under $300. Brake pads changed at 60, 000 after some hard wear and tear. And ford charged me $89 at the dealer. Not bad for 2015 when a drink in Sydney costs $5 or $6. Ford servicing is like 1990s prices.

So rather than getting lame soft roader be a cool parent buy something fun, fast and funky. Buy an Australasian made car. Perfect for Australasia