Owner Review

2015 Ford Falcon FG X XR8

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I was looking at purchasing my first high-powered vehicle as I was about to come off my P-plates. I test-drove an FPV GT, an F6 310, and then stumbled across this stunning Winter White Ford Falcon FG X on Carsales.

The next morning I drove down to the dealership where the car was located, and my eyes lit up when I saw it on the display ramp. I knew I had to see how it felt to drive this beauty, as it was much newer than the other two FPVs I test-drove.

The gentleman grabbed the keys to this stunning FG X XR8, rolled her down the ramp and said “Hop in, let’s go for a drive”. The second I turned the key in the ignition and heard that 335kW supercharged engine start up, I knew I had to have her.

We went for a drive around the streets, and she felt so smooth in acceleration, so comfortable to drive inside the cabin, and had plenty of leg room. Turning corners didn’t really feel like turning, so much as floating around corners. We came up to a main highway and the dealership man said "Give it to her a bit, you will love the sound". I turned the corner and put my boot into it, and oh boy did she sound wonderful. That whine and the instant rise to 80km/h sitting at 1700rpm, so effortless.

We got back to the dealership and I parked her in the garage entrance so she could go in for a bath. I locked her and realised she has the cool beep to lock just like the FPVs, which makes her just that little bit more fun. The finance man and I ran through some figures, did some calculations, he took my deposit and I went home constantly thinking about this gorgeous car.

Two days later, the finance man sent me a message through my phone while I was working saying “Please contact me before 5:30pm to organise the delivery of your Ford Falcon XR8”. That’s it. She’s mine. I’m stoked. I am now the proud owner of a piece of Australian motoring art. I am officially a Ford owner. I will own a supercharged eight-cylinder engine. Words cannot describe the immensely satisfying feeling of being handed the keys to such a beautiful piece of Ford history, being the last of the Ford Falcon era.

The style of the FG X XR8 is stunning, with those gorgeous double-dip daytime running LEDs, the grille giving her a tough road presence, the discreet rear wing for the more classier look, the divine lines on her hump bonnet, the lights beautifully shaped pointing down towards her beautiful twin tips on either side. Not to mention that race-look diffuser on the rear for the sportier look. The smoked side mirrors that complement the fog light surrounds beautifully.

The interior is so simple yet so perfect. Black interior roof lining and trims, luxurious leather seats with XR stitching, the simple FG-style dash, but with the added bonus of Sync2 software built into the ICC with some fantastic features like voice command, caution alerts for fixed cameras and traffic disruptions, plus the GPS system is brilliant.

Everything about this beautiful white Falcon is stunning. I am proud to own such a beauty.