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2015 Citroen Ds5 Dsport HDi Review

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To date, I have owned a fleet of Saab's, one Rolls Royce and one BMW M3.

Just recently, I traded my last Saab convertible for the DS5 finished in pearlescent white.

Handling is flat like an f1 car. You feel totally in control. The cockpit is fully loaded with lots of toys which make you feel like you're on final approach and the runway is in sight.

I have opted for the 19 inch wheels, upgraded sound system and dark tint on the windows.
The ride is stiff, but it shares the same leather stock as Rolls Royce. There is a button for every application and the roof can give the impression that I'm still driving my Saab convertible.

Truth be know, I fell in love with this car when it was unveiled at a Top Gear motor show in London around 2011 and it hasnt aged at all.
I use my car on the motorway. I get 22 kms per litre and I find that amazing. The diesel engine loves touring.

The only down side is lack of cup holders and no inbuilt multi changer cd system.
Service costs could be cheaper.

Regardless of the faults with the cup holders I will certainly buy another one and although I am male, I am not yet approaching 57.

Owning the Citroen DS5 is living the dream. My only recommendation is to copy Saab and have a button that one can push and out pops a cup holder.

I have now done 15000 kms and I'm hoping the dealership will show me around all the buttons.