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2015 Chrysler 300 C Luxury Review

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Just bought the Luxury Granite Crystal one and have had it for a week. Big and comfortable are the words I would use to describe it. Inside it is very comfortable to drive The seat is wide and luxurious, like an armchair.

Since I don't want to hammer it around corners, I would rather cruise around them, this seat is perfect as is the Vented and heated functions of the seat. It usually takes about 3-4 months for the seat to "relax".

I love the fact that I can press the Voice Recognition on uconnect and say " Set driver temperature to 23 degrees" and it complies I can then say "set passenger side temperature to 26 degrees" and it complies.

There is a whole lot you can tell the car to do while driving including voice recognition GPS instructions, climate control and change radio stations. I read the manual from cover to cover and was able to change the center console in the dash exactly as I wanted.

Yes I am very happy. As for the "long haul driving" I drove it 256 kms the next day and no offence, you must have pretty small feet or you forgot to use ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL. The Luxury can change between Cruise control and Adaptive Cruise Control so long haul driving wont be tiresome.

Oh and when I got out, I felt like I just left my leather lounge chair. Against the Merc or Jag it doesn't have the rounded and curved finishes BUT, it is still very Stylish and different enough. The bigger 8.4 screen is better as well. Personally I found the leather feel very nice to the touch.

Value for money? If you prefer to spend 40-60% (or double in some cases ) more for the Merc or Jag go ahead but try and show me a better priced Luxury car.