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2015 BMW X5 M50d Review

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Ordered this car in late 2014 after considering the Merc ML and Range Rover. The X5 M50d wins out because of its brilliant tri-turbo diesel engine that has monumental 740 NM of torque yet returns under 7L per 100 (on paper).

We had this car for more than half a year now and the average fuel consumption is just under 9L. Considering its weight and the way I drive it I think the consumption is exceptional. A full take of fuel is enough to go over 1000km on highway with the entire family and all our gears.

The 3rd row option gives air suspension, which is very comfortable in comfort mode but with noticeable body roll. Switching to sport mode the suspension tightens up but not too harsh. The optional nappa leather feels up-market and the craftsmanship is quite good considering it is made in the US.

The transmission are so well calibrated and it's not feeling any slower than a dual clutch but silky smooth. The engine just pulls and pulls from 1000rpm all the way to redline. I however wish it could sound like Audi SQ5.

The Harman Kardon stereo is excellent with DAB radio.

Our second car is a Lexus IS and before it an Audi A4. Inside the X5 is quieter than the Lexus at all speeds and it's almost eerie when cursing at 110kmh on highway. The back seats however are not as well cushioned as the Lexus' back seats, which I found quite strange.

The adaptive LED headlights are exceptionally good and on my trips b/t Sydney and Canberra they light up the road so well and can split the beams to not to blind other road users.

The Continental run flat tyres are quite good too and they don't really feel any less comfortable than the Michelin PSS on my Lexus.