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2015 Audi S1 Sportback 2.0 TFSI Quattro Review

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An honest little car!

With a simple software upgrade (REVO, ABT etc) it goes up to 300+ HP and then becomes a serious performer as it should have been if the marketing people of AUDI did not want it to compete directly with S3 which is 25% more expensive.

The Quattro works perfectly and the feeling is of a fast car.

Handling is as good as you would expect.

Above 180 km per hour the wheel becomes a bit light and you need to increase your concentration.
In narrow country roads the feeling however is excellent. The car is composed and the engine responsive mainly due to torque rather than power.

I have upgraded the engine to 300+ HP via a simple REVO engine upgrade which cost only 800 dollars.

The result is a car delivering what it was meant to. The acceleration is about 5 sec zero to a hundred km per hour making it better than the more expensive AUDI A 3.

I understand why the marketing people of AUDI limited the S1 to only 232 HP, but the car with 300+ HP is now exactly as it should. It will deliver smoothly and reliably without significant change in consumption.

Now it performs convincingly and the money you pay to buy makes full since.
So it can compete directly with the Golf R and AUDI S3 while being cheaper and more manoeuvrable.

Do I recommend it?

If you want a small very fast very trendy car at a reasonable price (with the upgrade), then go for it!
No regrets!!!