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2015 Audi RS Q3 2.5 TFSI quattro review

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I bought the car because I wanted an RS3 but still needed to tow the jetski. The RS Q3 is a wolf in sheep's clothing! The sound the five-cylinder produces is unrivalled, and boy does it get off the mark. Paired with an APR stage-one tune, the car will do close to four seconds flat 0–100km/h. That’s moving!

I love the extra space and being a bit higher off the ground, as all my previous cars have been very low. As soon as you sit inside, you’re instantly surrounded by a luxurious cabin that comes with the four-ring brand. The diamond-stitched Nappa leather seats and carbon-fibre inserts set this car above the normal Q3. The only drawback is the gearbox can be quite clunky and jumpy at low speeds.

On the technological side, this car is somewhat lacking. No Apple CarPlay and an MMI system that is showing its age are the key things that stand out.

The gearbox is super snappy and produces a nice DAG ‘fart’ when upshifting. The engine pumps out some impressive figures and is always ready to jump at a moment's notice. Downshift a few gears, get the RPM above 3500 and the exhaust flaps will fully open producing a godly orchestra.

The great thing about this car is the fact you can drive it around town as if it were a standard small SUV, but then a flick of a switch into Dynamic mode, the exhaust flaps open, then engine revs go up and the beast is woken. No-one suspects this car at all.

I’m not sure it quite deserves to don the RS badge, but boy is it a great package. After having owned the car for a number of months now, I can’t fault it. I wouldn’t mind a few more dramatic pops and bangs like the RS3 produces, but now I’m just nitpicking.

If anyone is considering a small SUV, but wants more of a special package, I’d definitely suggest taking one of these for a spin... Or don’t... Because you’ll end up wanting to buy one, I can almost guarantee it. Hope you enjoyed my review.