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2015 Alfa Romeo 4c Launch Edition Review

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From someone who is a. A Motor Dealer, b. A Ferrari owner (430 and 458) let me state categorically that this is arguably the most fun you can or are ever to have, with your clothes on, Ferrari aside, under $150,000

After replacing the 2013 Chinese made PARROT audio system (Really? In an Italian car?) with a better Clarion system and good speakers (out go the paper ones) fitting a rear view camera (screen in the rear view mirror) and learning how to get in (easy - fall in) and out (and fall out) gracefully, this is an awesome car.

I've only chosen 'dynamic' once or twice since 300 k's (you can't select Dynamic until then), waiting to get the engine run in properly before going for the pedal. My wife detested the 'getting in' method and voted with her feet never to go again. I'm not complaining - the 4C is a blokey car through and through. The looks it gets, the double takes and the comments cause your chest to fill out, your stomach to be tucked away (I'm 58) and a knowing smile to cross your face. 4C should come standard with driving gloves, mirror shades and a subscription to 12WBT

And the noise! Its better than most 'performance cars' as you're hearing the engine/turbo/exhaust tunes right at your ears.

Andy why doesn't the 4C have the technology, navigation screens and other stuff you'd expect to see in an expensive Italian car? It's all about the weight. Elsewhere the car weight comes in at under 1000kg. For Australia, our added safety features 'weigh' in at 35kg hence the kerb weight of 1025kg.

Overall impression - BELLISSIMO. 1000 kilometres - bring it on and sign me up for the 12WBT program too