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2014 Volvo V40 T5 Cross Country Review

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my 2014 Volvo V40 Cross Country had done faultless and comfortable 25,000km. its comfort factor is high. its performance factor is high. It is reasonably thirsty in all city driving but luckily i very little of that. But on the highway it get 7.2l/100km on the F1 driving in Cruise control at the speed limits. I have averaged 102km/hr by the computer over a two and half hour Freeway run with speed limits from 80 to 100kph.
It is docile in city traffic but can jump if asked (surprised a few boy racers) to fast and accurate on the freeway when again floor it and t jumps at 110.
The AWD is great having driven it mainly on sealed roads but in torrential rain. But is fine on the gravel roads I have been on.
It is small and a hatch, I bought it knowing that and suits me.
Its AC is great. Handles heat and cold well. On a 40 degree day it just handles it as a normal day, even in city traffic. Has rapid cool down.
I have the optional Safety pack factory fitted that is well worth the extra for the Adaptive Cruise Control alone. I use it in main road city traffic to crawl and stop. (Pacific hwy from Wahroonga to the city). It also brings turning headlights and high beam control. I like the camera that picks up the current speed signs. It is 95% accurate.
It has every extra in it you could ask for except the option of an electric tailgate that VW puts in its Alltraks.
Tyre wear has been good, it has Pirelli Pzero fitted from the factory. They are good gripping but add to the road noise on certain surfaces.
I am lucky it had three years free servicing when I bought it so can not comment on service costs -yet.