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2014 Volkswagen Tiguan 132 TSI Pacific Review

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I love my Tiguan. I had an accident recently - I had less than 10,000km on it and a drunk driver ran a red light causing a collision. At high speed, safety cell remained in tact, belts went off and airbags deployed. The other guy didn't do so well. My passenger and I unscathed. What a machine and I owe my safety and well being to my Tiguan. I have already bought the 2015 model as replacement!

I love the feel, the visibility, the ride and its look. It is very well built. I've had a Passat and hired a Jetta previously. Ill never go back to any other vehicle now but the price seriously hurts!

City driving fuel usage is pretty ordinary...11-15L/100km whereas country and highway driving gets 6-8L/100km. Both my old 1.8L Passat and the 2.0L Tiguan are similar - about 700km per full fuel tank of 60L. I really like the service requirements of 12 monthly or every 15,000km.

What can be improved? More colours?