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2014 Volkswagen Polo GTi Review

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Partner and I have had this 2013 MY14 Polo GTI for 18 months now.

We both love it. I'm a car nut, we had an Alfa 156 V6 previously and as much as I loved it, reliability and service costs were... Alfa-ish, But still worth it if you ask me, maybe not the Mrs' though. So we wanted new, practical, small-ish, yet still had that x factor/sense of fun and urge when you want it to be fun. Hence the reason we went for this GTI, great BFYB, will keep up with most cars double it's coin such as the Golf/SS/Focus/86 for example.

Game has changed a little since early 2014 however as the Horsepower/Hot Hatch war has erupted into bigger HP numbers, the little Polo is becoming a little more warm than Hot, even though I maintain the Polo GTI is what the Golf GTI should be (or used to be), lighter, smaller, nimbler.

Build quality is still superb, engine/induction noise is addicting (not fake like the Golf), seats are perfect for the average average chick/bloke but maybe getting a tad tight if you're pushing the 90kg mark. Same goes for suspension, perfect me as I love to feel the road, but it maybe a bit firm for some. Great handling, sharp steering response, sharp throttle response make this a fun drive. No reliability issues as of yet, 24,000km on the odometer and not one hiccup.

The one thing that I don't like is the media player, the unit itself is very basic yet easy to use. The Bluetooth is a separate device that sits in front of your console/glove box - looks stupid and is a bit annoying, but better than no Bluetooth I suppose. I know the MY15 model is a major improvement though. In summary a great, reliable, well built car that can be both fun and quite.