Volkswagen Golf 2014 90 tsi
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2014 Volkswagen Golf 90TSI review

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My previous ownership list includes a HiLux, Subaru, three BMWs (two 3 Series, one M5 sedan), and I have enjoyed two base-model Golfs dressed as GTIs to protect my resale, which was over 80 per cent of my original value upon a private sale for number one.

The 2001 and 2014 models feature classic styling that makes them head-turners. They're quieter than other makes, with a versatile luggage area plus A/C to the rear cabin is extremely valued.

I'm getting 1000km to a tank on the highway with pretty good insulation, but it could be better. There's a little wind noise around the windows. I get 750km around town driving moderately to hard. This car is perfect around town with hill start and electric park.

It offers exceptional comfort, as I'm 188cm tall, with steering and seat adjustments suiting me very well.

The Car of the Year worldwide for 2013/14 is worth every cent as the best choice in this market. It also provides the perfect surfer's vehicle for secure storage. The interior is hard wearing and able to be cleaned. The centre console has been a warranty repair.

I love this car and we are considering trading the 2014 Fiesta chosen above the VW Polo for the GTI for the missus for kisses. Over 45,oookm and the quality has improved with the Gen 7. Features have advanced greatly, and I am considering winding up the boost on the turbo when the warranty expires.

I have been completely impressed by this vehicle. Anyone looking at five-door hatchbacks for under $25,000, look no further.