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2014 Toyota HiLux SR5 Review

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Bought the top of the range sr5 (blue) in March 2014. Extras were: leather seats, nudge bar, tub liner, soft bungee type tourneau cover and floor mats. I have issues with this vehicle which is really annoying as i bought this car to keep for a long time.

When I got the vehicle home I first noticed the front passenger door does not line up which I could live with. After 6 months and taking the tourneau off I noticed the paint was melted underneath, very very pissed.

Took it back to Toyota they said it was very very bad and a manufacturers fault which they said the tray needed a total respray. I am very very annoyed about thus piece of crap and should have just gone out and bought another triton !!! I never had any problems with it.

When I now look back I could have nearly bought 2 tritons for the price of one, total rip off.

This Toyota was going to be my pride and joy but I now realise that Toyotas are not as good as people make out they are !! Very very disappointed to say the least and will now consider offloading it within 12 months.

For a $53,000 car I would have expected quality but have been let down very badly. I could put up with an oil leak that can be fixed easily under warranty but when you have a paint issue that is at the top end of being the worse thing that could happen, very pissed, Wayne