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2014 Toyota HiLux SR5 Review

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THE SO CALLED LEATHER STEERING WHEEL on a Unbreakable toyota hilux SR5 was rubbing off after 6 months and all most 5000km, the bloody thing is still making my hands black and sticky from driving it , a brand new car!

Not to mention dangerous from concentrating on the steering wheel more then the road, went back to the dealer and was told that the warranty was denied from toyota Australia due to wear and tear (out side influences) they told him.

Its not leather you can clearly see the grey original color under the black paint that has been sprayed in black. Paid $52500 for a unbreakable toyota! What a joke cant wait for another 6 months to see what else would fall apart . he should have bought a DMAX but no wanted something UNBREAKABLE.

I am pretty sure its advertised as leather not spray on paint leather any way just wanted to share my pain from the unbreakable toyota hilux.