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2014 Toyota Fj Cruiser Review

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Excellent on road and off road. Just needs a small front end lift to make it even better off road.

Traction control works well in gnarly off road. Only tried diff locks a few times as it is typically not needed.

Smooth, quiet, even with Cooper STT mud tyres on it.

Front end is a little low due to Toyota wanting to keep CV shafts straight on independent suspension. A 30mm front end lift makes all the difference.

On inner city driving I get 14-15 litres per 100km. Open road this drops to about 10 litres per 100km.

I have Toyota extended warranty and $210 fixed price servicing which is cheap.

I have had no issues with the car after a little over 12 months ownership.

It is pretty easy to keep clean but I do not hose it out.

I came from a diesel Land Cruiser and was initially concerned about petrol off road, but is has been smooth, quiet, predictable, powerful and remarkably economical off road.

I would buy the same car again for my needs which are one car for on road inner city driving and being able to take it off road at zero notice. Even my 7 year old daughter loves it.

Just wish it had slightly higher front end standard as it is heavily rear end up high. I also have snorkel, side steps and auxiliary battery for off road - all TJM.

Take it off road, come home, wash it, vacuum the inside and you would never know its actually used off road often.