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2014 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review

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The Corolla has great handling ability on the road. It is a powerful engine for the size of the car. The fuel economy is 6.9 no matter what road I'm on e.g. freeway or normal .

We love the price of the car and the fixed service cap of 3 years. The only thing that could be improved is maps can be downloaded in all models. The sunglasses holder is also a great idea ! I also love the bluetooth so I can play my downloaded songs on my phone.

The Corolla is a very economical, zippy car for anyone wanting value for money. Toyota could look into the added feature of a certain car model where you wave your foot under the car and the boot pops open. Only saying maybe Toyota could think of putting it on the next model!

Also doesn't cost a fortune to fuel up. I normally fill up once a fortnight.

I cant think of much else to say about this car. All I can say if your looking for fuel economy and a small car have a test drive and you wont be sorry! Before you buy make sure it has all the features you want in a car but Im sure you will.

Oh and this model Corralla Assent has a rearview colour camera on it. Great for reversing but it doesn't beep if you come to close to whatever is behind you. I wish it did though. Toyota is for me !