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2014 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport Review

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I bought my corolla ascent sport a year ago and in the test drive I did not realise how uncomfortable the front seats were.They feel hard and dont provide any support to my back.

I really only noticed this months after I bought the car.

I drive alot in my job but dont have the same problem in earlier model corollas or yaris....

The visability is poor and takes some getting used to the small back window and blind spots at side of car.
on a positive note it handles very well and even in wet weather I feel like that car has its feet firmly planted on the ground.The ride is really nice, not too hard and smooths out the pot holes on the road.

The touch screen is awkward to use not simple and the bluetooth does not always connect properly.on sunny days there is reflection off screen and cant see what you are pressing.This could of been more easier to use if it had manual buttons and controls as oppsed to all touch.

The cabin feels very closed in maybe due to high dashboard nearly clostaphobic feeling as it has poor visability on sides and back due to streamline design.

I dont know what to do with seats and will try covers and cushions to give me some comfort but after buying a new car why should I have to the level of comfort should be in a new car and with the adjustment required to make even more comfortable for the driver.

Thanks Mark.