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2014 Toyota Aurion Sportivo ZR6 Review

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This Toyota Aurion ZR6 replaced a Toyota Camry VXI, with a 3000cc engine.

I have owned many Toyota's for over 30 years. The ZR6 has everything I need in a car and with only one option fitted - a sun roof.

Fuel consumption is mainly under 10L/100km, and driving at a constant 100kph I often see under 7 L/100km. When the fuel gauge and computer indicates "empty", I can drive for another 120km [I have often found fuel gauges like this].

ZR6s have very good head lights, that help see around bends and adjust themselves when the rear seat are used.

The caped $130 servicing is a big plus, my wife's Subaru never gets away for the service centre for under $500.

I find the brakes are very good, when this car is driven normally. When the car is driven very hard, it does not feel too good to me - but this is a very well made road car to be driven at legal speeds [It's no race car].

I buy Toyota's for reliability their car's, van's and 4x4's have given me in the past 30 years.

At 71 years young, I love this car and love to drive it - I still love to take my Holden to Eastern Creek Track Days. At 200kph my Holden is a home on the track, my old hart is not, now a days.