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2014 Tesla Model S 85 Review

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I heard about Tesla in 2006 and you could tell even then that this was not your normal electric car company. I followed them closely and ordered my Model S in 2012 knowing how much of a disruption a car of like this would be.

What I didn't expect was that even after 2 test drives I was still blown away by the car I received and mine is 'just' the 85. I have had no range anxiety since day 1 and almost everything about the driving experience is better with this car.

Few people will tell you how easily it can crawl along in peak hour traffic, as low as 1 or 2 Kmh if necessary without any drivetrain snatch, and there is no point at any speed wher the car hunts for the right gear because there's only one.

Overtaking on the highway is so much easier due to instant, not an exaggeration, I said instant power, no preparation required to make sure the engine is at the right revs and gear, see an opportunity, change lanes and 'punch it' very quickly you are past the slow car and often the speed limit, so watch that.

If you think you need an SUV you should look at Model S as it has an enormous boot and when that's full a second one under the bonnet, the only things it may not carry is anything that is tall.

I have been on a few long drives as far as Canberra and find the seats very comfortable despite some criticisms in the media, I also get out of the car more refreshed than in a conventional car which I believe is due to the lack of vibration that would normally come from an internal combustion engine.

Then there are every day surprise and delight things like the incredible touch screen wher I can listen to French lounge music or my favourite podcast. The smart phone app has been really useful particularly in summer when you can start the AC and pop the sunroof and come back to a cool car.

I've had only 2 visits to Tesla, one to rotate the tyres and replace a missing grommet, the second was at Tesla's request to check some bolts settings. Nothing has stopped working entirely but 2 things occur occasionally. I need to regularly reboot the centre screen to ensure its perfect reliability and about 1 in 10 times I close the charge port door it pops open again. Everything else has been perfect even the door handles that are supposed to be unreliable.

I'll probably keep the car for at least the 8 year battery warranty period then change to a top line Model 3, so Tesla has my business for the foreseeable future.
By the way, keep the $50 fuel voucher, when I get an electric mower I'll no longer have need to visit a petrol station again.