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2014 Suzuki Swift SPORT Review

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I bought a second hand six-speed Suzuki Swift Sport. Love it. Great little car.

I used to own a Mazda 3 MPS turbo. I have just as much fun in the Swift Sport and a little more legally. The MPS was a handful with all that power through the front wheels only. You don't want to spoil this Sport with too much power - it could upset the handling unless you went four-wheel drive. But then there's all the added cost and it becomes not cheap and cheerful.

On a favourite tight twisty road this little Swift is a hell of a lot of fun and I can't think of too many cars that would be able to stick with it on that particular road. Even my MPS with all its power would struggle simply because the little Suzuki out handles it. I also own a 2.0-litre MX-5 and the Suzuki is almost as much fun as that.

And the MX-5 bashers can say what they want - it isn't the biggest-selling sportscar ever for no reason. Try it before you knock it. I don't like not having a spare wheel but I love the iPod connection and Bluetooth and the little hidden cubby hole in boot. Small boot but decent room inside and I'm six-foot and 110kg.

Fuel consumption is higher than I thought but that's probably a function of how much fun I have pushing it through corners with a heavy foot. But it's so much fun to drive.

You won't regret buying the keen little fella.