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2014 Suzuki Swift Review
  • The base swift was one of Australia's cheapest cars to run, Perfect balance between comfort and sharp handling, 5 Star NCAP safety rating, Spacious interior with excellent seats, Standard equipment eg: Sat nav, bluetooth, keyless entry and start, xenon headlights
  • The Speedo is in 30kmh increments, The boot is small 211L, Center console and space saver option are both options, Theres no display for setting the cruise control so have to use the Sat nav, No soft touch materials

by Lawrence M

As a car enthusiast I like what Suzuki has done. Suzuki hasn’t gone with the latest hot Hatch trends going with a turbo. Instead they have gone back to what a hot hatch is all about; light weight, balanced sharp handling and N/A configuration.

We are reviewing my Suzuki Swift Sport with 6 spd man (owned 5 months) it also comes with 5yr warranty and cap price servicing at $199. On a day to day basis it has two personalities, really comfortable and quiet as a daily driver and when you hit some bends or a race track it comes alive with really responsive steering, well tuned chassis and suspension make the car great in the corners. However the steering is on the light side which isn’t a bad thing.

The Swift Sport has a 1.6L VVT engine mated to a 6spd manual box, produces 100kW/160Nm and weighs 1045kg. This gives it a great power to weight and also outstanding fuel economy. The gearbox however is a bit clunky and could be a bit sharper but is an easy to live with gear box, this gives it a mechanical feel.

With this Swift Sport they have completely redesigned the interior with aggressively contoured seats, luxuries like sat nav, iPod connectivity, steering wheel controls, Bluetooth, cruise control Due to the boxy styling, small engine and boot space the Swift Sport has a really spacious interior for a car in this class.

On the outside Suzuki have revised the styling with a new diffuser and twin exhaust and all the body panels are new, the 17 inch wheel wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza 45 profile tyres, with 30% stiffer rear and 15% stiffer front suspension from the base Swift. These tyres, and the suspension and chassis setup make this car awesome to drive

Nothing in this class comes close to the Swift Sport in terms of the fuel economy I’ve been able to achieve. In about 70% city and 30% highway driving I have been able to achieve 5.1 l/100km.

I personally prefer the styling and the overall package over the competitors which include KIA Proceed GT, Polo GTi, Ford Fiesta ST, Subaru Impreza and its anywhere from $2,000 – $5,000 cheaper. And the Swift comes fully equipped where the others miss out of some of the options on the entry level.

I’ve taken it to Marulan driver training center to put it through its paces and for a city runabout it is all smiles as it corners with lots of mechanical grip, while still achieving less than 7.5l/100km.

My final verdict on the Suzuki Swift Sport is that nothing comes close in terms of value for money, fuel economy, reliability, running costs and endless driving fun without breaking the bank (especially for young car enthusiasts).Its harder have more fun and use less fuel for less money. For me I’d say well done Suzuki!!

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2014 Suzuki Swift Review Review
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