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2014 Skoda Yeti 103 TDI (4x4) Review

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I bought this car, as I wanted something different. For the last 20 odd years I have bought Japanese vehicles and have a high regard for them.

Since purchasing the Yeti, I have to say that the handling is far better. The car is very comfortable, the front seats fit near perfectly, although the ride is a little firm, it handles great. When out with the wife I'm always being told to slow down. 5.2L/100k at 100-110KPH and 5.5L/100 around Newcastle is pretty good.

Being European I feel it is better equipped than other cars I have owned, having more features as standard such as adaptive headlights, park warning features, park assist, 7 air bags, excellent seating features, bi-zeon lights, digital speedo, excellent sound system and excellent build quality.

The Yeti handles better than any other car I have owned and together with the Diesel engine and DSG gearbox is a real pleasure to drive. I bought a new Pejero Exceed (which I still own) and the Yeti's service costs are less than the Pajero, and are reasonable for a 4x4 Diesel. The car feels very safe to drive and the instruments are easily read. The digital speed display together with the normal speedo - rev counter,fuel and temperature are well displayed and positioned.

I bought the car as an appreciative week-end driver. I reckon it's the best car I have owned for a enjoyable week-end drive. And when my friends sit in it they always comment on its comfit.

I get mixed remarks about the shape, but I like the looks, it has personality. I wouldn't like to see a future Yeti's being a different shape, it just wouldn't be the same.