ŠKODA OCTAVIA 2014 rs 162 tsi
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2014 Skoda Octavia RS 162TSI review

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This car offers a great blend of performance and practically. I purchased this car in 2014 and it's done 35,000km.

I cross-shopped it against the Renault Megane GT 220 at the time. In my opinion, the Octavia's quality was better, and the ride reached a much better compromise between sport, and comfort.

While the quality is not as good as the VW Golf GTI, it was around $5000 less expensive – and that's with the leather/Alcantara seats.

When you think the Skoda shares its MQB platform, gearbox, engine and other components from the VAG group, it represents good buying.

The refinement of the engine and drivetrain is impressive. We drove this car from Adelaide to Alice Springs, via Cobber Pedy and it has been faultless. It's a great tourer. Servicing is once every 12 months, or 15000km and I negotiated a five-year warranty.

Skoda is not kidding when it says its cars are "simply clever". It is a hatchback, although looks like a sedan. The boot is huge, and the rear occupant space must be the best in its class, or close to it.

The wagon would also be a good buy if space, and performance are valued. It has 162kW and 350Nm of torque and I reckon the DSG works very well.

Dislikes? We know the joke so let's put it out there: A guy walks into a spare parts business and asks, "I am looking for a petrol cap for my Skoda". The salesman replies, "yeah, that sounds like a fair trade". Boom tish!

I think people have memories of the brand prior to VW taking over. The resale value may be an issue when it comes time to sell, as Skoda simply doesn't have the brand awareness of other makes in Australia.

The stereo is a bit tinny sounding, the Canton system was an option at the time. It doesn't have a rear-view camera – in a $40K car, although I cannot be too critical as the market has moved on in three years. The sat-nav is excellent. The 'real world' fuel economy is actually close to the manufacturer's claim at about 7.2 litres per 100km combined (against a claimed 6.8/100km).

You will either get the look of the Octavia or you wont. It is one of 'understated athleticism' according to Skoda. I thinks it's a case of function over form and that's not a bad thing. Skoda could almost say, 'you want a sexy looking car? That's the next door down'.

The latest model would be a great buy especially with more tech now available. Rear-view camera, Apple CarPlay et cetera and all the safety tech, too.

The Octavia RS has been a great car, and to my friends who gave me the 'I luv my Skoda' t-shirt... I salute you.