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2014 Skoda Octavia 110 TDI Elegance Review

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A good car and well packaged and quality materials with German engineering. However some issues i have noticed:

  • *Reflection from interior onto both door mirrors,annoying.
  • *Rear transmission tunnel to high for person sitting in the middle seat will find it uncomfortable.
  • *Rear Interior door panel storage small and drink holder is too small for holding normal size drinks
  • *Reflection of the interior reflects onto the windscreen in sunlight conditions.
  • *2.5 rear seater built for 2 adults in the rear
  • *Sat nav does not pronounce roads properly in comparison to tom tom ,google maps
  • *Torsion suspension ?

*Some wind noise on the freeway

TBH these are minor annoyances but together can be enough to put you off.