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2014 Renault Megane Rs 265 CUP Review
  • fast, great handling, looks and sounds great, plenty of boot space for a small car, economical for a performance car
  • stop start is ON by default, RS monitor few glitches, sound system could be better, reverse camera should come as standard, RHS wiper blade vibrates across windscreen

by Ramsin

I have owned this car since Nov 2014 and have put over 10K’s with no issues so far.

The RS monitor has frozen once or twice but I don’t use this feature that often anyway. I use this car as a daily driver, weekend tourer and surfing buggy down the great ocean road as well (yes it fits my 6″0 surfboard no problem). Steering is very precise and I feel very safe in this car as chassis build is very tight and feels solid. It is a pain having to switch the auto stop start off every time you get in as I don’t use it even though it has a very quick start up cycle.

Fuel efficiency for my driving is b/n 8.5-9.litres/100Km.The clutch take up is a bit tight when new but you get used to it once it has been used for a while. At the time I purchased it was (and still is in my eyes) the best value for money hot hatch for around $40K with 5yr warranty and roadside assist and 3yr capped service costs.

Some gearbox noises are apparent at low speed in heavy traffic when constant shifting b/n 1st and 2nd, otherwise is a delight on flowing road and corners. RHS wiper blade can shudder and vibrate across windscreen during wiping , due to it’s large size.

All in all , I am very happy with my purchase and have had many people comment on the awesome liquid yellow paint job and styling and are quite surprised that it is a “Renault”.

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2014 Renault Megane Rs 265 CUP Review Review
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