Renault Megane 2014 rs 265 cup premium
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2014 Renault Megane RS 265 Cup Premium review

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This might be biased, as I am still well and truly in the honeymoon period with my recent purchase (a month ago). I have wanted a Renault Megane RS for about five years, but kept being responsible and putting it off to prioritise dollars for the family in other areas of life. Recent changes in circumstances have allowed me to take the plunge and become an owner.

The RS Cup is a beast, especially when I hit the “angry” button - otherwise known as the RS button. This would normally change its power from 250hp to 265hp, but since mine has a Stage 2 tune, it’s actually a smidgen above that. Being a front-wheel drive, traction off the line with this much grunt is an issue, but "off the line" isn’t what a Megane RS is about. The way this car pulls around a corner is amazing.

I had read a lot of reviews about these cars before I finally had the opportunity to pull the trigger and become an owner. These reviews had all raved about the way this car handles corners and just pulls like a train... and it’s not an exaggeration! I know there are many “purists” who wouldn’t give a front-wheel drive car the time of day, but this one is going to change a few minds (or it should have already... they have been around since 2009).

I am enjoying learning the French quirks with the car as well. There are some annoying aspects like the weird tilt of the dials (speedo etc) but there are some ingenious things too, like the button-loaded gadget at your fingertips that you use whilst driving which controls the audio.

Keeping my licence is going to be a conscious effort with this car. It’s so damn fun and just wants to go quick. Oh and I love the Recaro sports seats! They take a bit of effort with getting in and out but are definitely worth the effort as they are so comfortable and supportive.

The Megane RS looks great too! My beast is black, and I have blacked out the badges. I will be getting slimline black plates with red writing, in line with the red Brembos. It's such a great looking car. There's so much bang for buck with these things.

There isn’t much I can complain about with this car. I have heard that the stereo sucks, but mine was upgraded by the previous owner, so I can’t complain. I have also heard the rear vision is poor (especially when parking) but as mine is a Cup Premium, it has the reverse camera, so it's not a problem for me.

I thought it might suck a bit having a 2-door car when I have 3 kids (aged 4, 8 and 10) but they love the car. The Recaros go forward and back easily enough for my 4-year old daughter to use by herself. The large doors can be a pain in a tight car park (they are thick), so it can be a real squeeze to get in and out sometimes. Again, this is not a major problem for me, with good parking options at work and school, which stops this issue from being a daily problem.

The kids always ask me to press the angry button, but don’t worry as everything stays under the speed limit. They just love the growl and the burbles and pops it makes. I can see this being a very long honeymoon period... even my wife is starting to complain about how long it takes me to get some milk or bread.

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