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2014 Renault Clio Rs 200 CUP Trophy Review

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The Clio RS 200 cup trophy is a fun car to drive, whether it be around town or on the open road. It allows you to drive sedately or use sport and race mode when you want a different driving experience. I have now done 11000kms and my average fuel economy has been 8.64L/100km using premium unleaded. The interior is very comfortable with the snug leather seats hold you well when using the performance of the car.

The low profile Dunlop performance tyres so on the 18" rims work well in wet weather and have fantastic grip. The tomtom gps system is easy to use and accurate. The r-link system can be kept up-to-date by putting the sd card into your computer regularly and checking for updates.

Some minor issues are the lack of cabin storage areas and inability to use power windows by passenger without the driver leaving keycard in car.

The Renault service I cannot fault with the 3 year capped service and 5 year warranty.

I was looking for a small economical car that is fun to drive, can be driven sedately around town but can satisfy my Motorsport fantasies. This vehicle does that very well.

The gear paddles are easy to use and ability to manually override the automatic box is great. The gearbox can occasionally have change lag issues when quickly changing the acceleration or de acceleration rate suddenly eg in heavy traffic conditions.

I would recommend the Clio RS 200 to anyone wanting to have fun driving and turning heads.