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2014 Range Rover Evoque Td4 Pure Review

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I bought evoque TD4 pure in feb 2014. what attracted to me was it looks. but was actually quiet surprised by its performance when i took it off road to fraser island.it responded really well and oh boy I was thoroughly happy I made the right choice

Rangie’s 11-speaker Meridian system is superb, Evoque is quieter and feels punchier, and in its sport mode the nine-speeder has a gear for every occasion, and knows when to use each one of them.The inner look is premier feel and feels really good.Shifts are generally quick and smooth, and there’s also the option to change gears manually via paddleshift levers. You’ll rarely stretch beyond sixth gear in the city and suburbs, and one of the biggest clues to the total number of ratios is that, on moderate throttle, the rev counter moves only a small way before dropping a similar amount with each subsequent gearchange. It’s almost like a CVT in that respect, though without the characteristic droning. And the petrol engine sounds quite sporty when allowed to rev higher.

After sales and maintenance is not an issue for now as its got a capped price servicing. Hopefully that stays same than throwing surprises

Only negative I would say the space is not as big as Audi Q5 but good enough for family with two kids (excluding -in-laws)

-Looks (both inside and outside giving you good feel unlike audi Q3,Q5 or BMW or prado)
-Performance, and decent fuel Economy and everything else

-Not that spacious but comfortable
-Little Pricey with Extras

For future models rear camera and sensors should come as standards .

Final Word
Its really good choice in its segment Highly recommended if you can afford one

Easily beats its rivals Audi, BMW and Mercedes as this is value for money