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  • Very spacious and comfortable, Performs better than a 1.6 litre would suggest, Handles like a go-kart around bends and corners, Great warranty and service backup - if you ever need it, Better made and bolted together than most think
  • Leather seats get hot, Fuel consumption is good but expected a fair bit better, No one will believe you about the fantastic handling

by Charles Lacoste

I’m in the final stages of a lease of this car so not an actual owner. I decided to lease this after being impressed with the amount of room it has with both rear rows folded down, nice and flat.

Never seen an official figure but it must be well over 2000 litres of space for a weekend trip to Bunnings. It has been generally comfortable, reliable, and a great everyday drive.

While I love the leather quality in this vehicle (better than some Euros)….in fact it is hot here in Perth and the leather makes for a lot of sweat you don’t get with cloth. I’m thinking the base GX may be the better deal.

Doesn’t quite look as good but has the room and all the basics….I’ve gotten 9.5-10 litres per 100k and don’t forget it uses 95RON fuel….But the engine power is quite adequate….it moves along with traffic smartly….and the handling is better than any van out there.

I’ve driven a few when I was doing the short-listing…..and the Lotus input has made superb difference. Feels like I’m driving something Corolla size. I had no faults, no problems, all good. I’ve taken it on WA country drives and it has spent most of its life in stop and go freeway traffic…and never missed a beat. A tiny amount of wind noise around 110kmph…but not excessive at all. Great in all conditions.

In fact so good. I’ll be handing this one back and buying a Preve which will suit my wife better….and I’ll take her vehicle as I’m retiring…….I am impressed with Proton now. Very impressed…especially when the price is considered with the standard equipment, size, and build quality. Put Proton on your shopping list. Surprise yourself…..

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2014 Proton Exora Gxr Review Review
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